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VISA® Check Card

The VISA® Check Card is faster, more economical, more convenient, and simply easier than using your conventional checkbook.  Our VISA® Check Card allows you to withdraw money from any ATM, as well as deposit and transfer funds at any South Sound Bank ATM terminal.  You may also use your VISA® Check Card anywhere VISA® is accepted.  These charges will then appear on your monthly checking account statement and will include the date, location, and amount of every transaction you have made.

ATTENTION --- VISA® Check Card users!  UChoose Rewards is a rewards program in which you can earn points every time you use your South Sound Bank VISA® Check Card as a credit transaction and sign for your purchases (versus PIN usage).  Earn additional points for shopping with your card at participating retailers through the UChoose Rewards website.  UChoose how you redeem your points!  Select from merchandise, gift cards, travel, event tickets, and more from the vast online rewards catalog.  Simply register your existing South Sound Bank VISA® Check Card by going to

**If you've recently lost your card (or had it stolen) and ordered a new replacement card, don't worry -- you can still claim your old points and continue earning new ones!  When you receive this new card in the mail, all you need to do is: visit, log in, then register the new card number.

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